Day 1 – The West Africa Journey begins

I’m at JFK airport in New York waiting to board the plane to Accra, Ghana. Just sharing with another passenger who has had a rather difficult day. After listening to her laments, I shared how as late as last night, I was unsure if my passport would arrive in time this morning from the Liberian Embassy for me to catch my 10:45 AM flight. An interesting thing happened, as i was doing everything I could to effect a positive result. God simply reminded me that it’s all in His hands anyway. At the end of the day – I realize that I’m not in charge of much that relates to my being: it’s all in His hands. I missed the drycleaner yesterday; I didn’t get to the bank; waiting on the passport. WAITING TO EXHALE. LOL. God reminded me that this trip to Ghana and Liberia is His idea and that I must trust Him completely. Once I surrendured my need for control, the peace of God engulfed me and I just did what I could. He had already taken care of all the problems. My flight to New York was on time and pleasant. I caught a nap for a little while: not much sleep last night and angst had taken their toll. I awoke refreshed 20 minutes later and had an enjoyable conversation with the mother of a early twenties college student who loves Jesus but may be a little self righteous. She was so appreciative that I shared with her God’s answer to those who want to send everybody to Hell who doesn’t do life as they would – “For God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through Him (and us for that matter) might be saved.”, John 3:17. It starts with love and continues with STOP JUDGING.

Well I’m about to get on my 10 1/2 hour flight. I feel like a little baby – give me food, entertain me for a minute (the movie or the personal entertainment center in front of me), then I’ll be ready to go to sleep and not bother anyone. When the morning comes, I’ll be practicing Twi (a Ghanaian dailect I’ve been learning). See old friends and hopefully make new friends of the Kingdom.

I love it when a plan just comes together. Keep me in your prayers.

De ye (pronounced day yay) looses translated sleep tight, see ya later or whatever for that moment.



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