The Irish Channel Christian Fellowship (ICCF) is an outgrowth of a fellowship which met at the House of the Risen Son.  This house church was initiated by Trinity Christian Community under the direction of Rev. William J. Brown.  The purpose of the church was as an outreach to those who were not readily assimilated into traditional churches.  As the congregation began outgrowing the house used for services, the members made a decision in 1978 to form an actual church.

ICCF incorporated on April 28, 1979, developed a statement of faith and set goals according to what the members felt was God’s calling.  Some of the goals included being a cross culture church, willing to minister to any race, culture and nationality, to minister to the oppressed and to minister to the children and youth of the area.  A major goal has always been to share Christ and to be a light in the Irish Channel in whatever ways possible.

Leadership from the start was provided by a board of Elders and Deacons.  This continued for several years with an eye to the future of having a Pastor who would be able to take leadership and minister to the needs of those in the area.  Our search ended in May of 1988 when Pastor Tilton accepted the call to be our Shepherd.  Thankfully, he continues to remain in service with us.

In addition to its many supported mission projects, ICCF was also responsible for sending Donna Rompf to Haiti as a missionary for thee years.  ICCF supported the work with prayer and finances.  We have also supported several short term mission trips to Africa with Pastor Tilton and currently provide support for several projects and students in Africa.  ICCF has sent out other short term missionaries to China and Central America.

In September of 1994, ICCF became a member of the Baptist Association of Greater New Orleans (Southern Baptist Convention).

In August of 2005 ICCF was affected by the Hurricane Katrina.  The members evacuated to points all over the United States.  Many of the lost everything and have had to relocate to other areas and begin again.  The 152 year old sanctuary survived the hurricane but was severely damaged.  For over two years the church met in the Fellowship Hall for services.  During part of this time we were joined by two other congregations whose churches were severely damaged or destroyed.  These were Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church and Rosedale Missionary Baptist Churches which under the direction of Rev. Gervais Allison.  We were known as one church, two pastors, three congregations in one location.  These churches have now returned to their own sanctuaries and on April 27, 2008, we  completed restoration and rededicated our 152 year old sanctuary thanks to the support and donations of many brothers and sisters from around the country.

Members of the congregation have been involved in many ministries which include, tutoring programs, Bible clubs, youth groups, women’s and men’s ministries, New Orleans Mission, Habitat for Humanity, food distribution and other outreaches.  We are a part of the Greater New Orleans Federation of Churches. For over 15 years, we have hosted the Irish Channel Neighborhood Association meetings.

The congregation has changed over the years, many having come and gone.  It seems many people have been sent to ICCF to be equipped and then move on to serve God in various roles around the world.  Many former members have served full or part time in Christian service all over the United States and in other countries.  We have had members from several African countries, Europe, Asia and other area of the world.  The congregation is comprised of members from varied economic strata, ages, races, and educational backgrounds.  The common thread is our love for the Lord and our desire to grow into the people that God has called us to be.

Our diversity is drawn into unity by Jesus Christ.